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Birds have been a defining and guiding force in my life since childhood and I am fortunate to have worked with or on behalf of birds and conservation my entire career.

I started birding in elementary school, studied Wildlife Science (Cornell University) and Conservation Biology (University of Minnesota) and have had a 30 year career (so far) working for the Minnesota Zoo, The World Parrot Trust, Audubon and now at The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota as well as a variety of research jobs around the country in my early years.

Red-headed Woodpecker (c) Joanna Eckles


BS Wildlife Science | Cornell University | Department of Natural Resources

MS Conservation Biology | University of Minnesota | Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior


Trustee | Bird-Safe Buildings Foundation [link]

Agile Project Management | University of St. Thomas | Executive Education

Project Management | Watermark Learning

Ecological Restoration | University of Minnesota

Minnesota Master Naturalist

I grew up in upstate New York and now live in Minnesota with my husband Klay, son Jayger and daughter Torianna along with (indoor!) feline Mango and canine Zeke.

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