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Bird City Network Coordinator for The American Bird Conservancy


In this role I am helping to create and run the new Bird City Network, building a hemisphere-wide support system for Bird City programs that provide recognition, expert guidance, and technical expertise to communities to help them increase habitat, reduce threats to birds and engage citizens in birding and conservation. This program is based on the same program I piloted in Minnesota but is being scaled up to work on a much broader level. After all, what's good for birds is good for people too! 


​As time and appropriate projects align I will continue to:

  • Provide expert advice to create and implement conservation and sustainability strategies benefitting people, birds and other wildlife. 

  • Lead and participate in collaborative partnerships to oversee, manage, and implement conservation projects.  

  • Advocate for conservation through effective verbal / written communication, presentations.


Developed Audubon Minnesota's Bird-friendly Communities program from inception, leading collaborative efforts with communities to improve habitat, reduce threats to birds and engage people in conservation. 

  • Launched Project BirdSafe and "Lights Out" to address the threat of bird-window collisions; leading research, coordinating staff and citizen science volunteers, educating architects and planners and crafting legislation. 

  • Directed local efforts to affect the design of US Bank Stadium to protect birds and mobilized the team to design and implement a research study there, serving as local lead and expert. 

  • Created the Bird City Minnesota program, developed all aspects, successfully led pilot phase, recognized 3 Minnesota Cities and secured significant funding to take the program statewide.

B3 Bird-Safe Building Requirement - Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (effective May 2013)

Co-authored the state standard requiring bird-safe design practices for Minnesota bond-funded buildings (LINK).

As Curator of Birds at The Raptor Center I worked with the Education team overseeing the care, management and training of the birds that live permanently at TRC as education ambassadors. With these birds Education Staff amazes and educates over 100,000 people every year - in person and, starting in 2020 through innovative virtual offerings as well. The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota is a renowned veterinary clinic for injured birds of prey. Education is also a huge part of TRC's mission.

As Lead Zoologist for the Minnesota Zoo's World of Birds Show, managed all aspects of the popular environmental education program featuring an extensive array of birds trained to demonstrate natural behaviors.​

"Neighborhood Wilds" restoration project management

Coordinated all aspects of funding, planning and implementing native restoration across dozens of properties and city right-of-ways.


Bird-Safe Building Guidelines (2010) - Project Manager

Managed all aspects of the comprehensive revision and publication of NYC Audubon's Guidelines.  LINK to guidelines.  

World Parrot Trust (1999 – 2014)

As Editor from 2006-2014, coordinated all aspects of production of PsittaScene, the quarterly magazine of the World Parrot Trust, an international organization dedicated to the conservation of parrots.​

Initially served as USA Administrator from 1999 - 2006 (see below).


Thirty years of public speaking experience related to conservation, nature, birds and wildlife - from educational programs and media with live birds for the Minnesota Zoo, to professional talks at conferences and events around the country for the Zoo, the World Parrot Trust and Audubon.



  • TEDx talk - Bird-friendly Buildings (May 2015) - TED talks are renowned for their rigor and focus. The process for speakers involves a proposal, an audition and working with a coach through several rehearsals before the live presentation which lives on online.

  • Keynote Speaker, invited speaker, panelist and workshop presenter throughout the country at dozens of conferences and meetings.

  • Hundreds of professional presentations for civil engineers, architects, community planners, developers, conservation and community organizations, conferences and meetings locally (MN), regionally and nationally. 

  • Daily public presentations with trained free-flying birds for the Minnesota Zoo for 11 years plus media (TV and radio).

  • Daily in-person and virtual programs with trained raptors for The Raptor Center for audiences of all ages and sizes. 


World Parrot Trust (1999 – 2014)

Initially (1999 - 2006) served as USA administrator responsible for daily operation of the organization in the USA.

Later served as magazine editor (2006 - 2014).  

IAATE (International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators)

Helped create this professional organization for naturalists worldwide who work with trained birds in educational programs and served as the first Secretary on the Board of Directors for a total of 9 years.  

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